Monday, August 10, 2009


Students from various institutes in patna have come together to start an AID Chapter in patna ( AID stands for Association for India's development. It is a volunteer movement working towards a better world.

One can contribute in many ways. For example a student interested in website development can help maintain website of many non profit organisation who lack the resources/expertise to do this on their own. Similarly people interested in education can teach kids or help design reading material. Those interested in right based work can work on making sure that poor get their entitlements. Possibilities are unlimited.

This group functions in a very democratic manner and decisions are taken in a meeting based on inputs from all memebers. Anyone interested in working towards a better world can join the group by simply participating in the meeting, events etc of the group. To know more about the group do come to one of our meetings. Please join the e-group to get updates about the events/meetings.

You are welcome to share your views on this blog as well as can put queries relevent to aid.


  1. Good Initiative yaar... W e can proudly contribute to the development of our nation...

  2. Aur blog ka theme change kar....

  3. ok man definately i'll do it

  4. This is a good start but Social work is a topic that is more talked and less done...We hope that this is not done here...Wish u all a best of luck..I am with you in any situation


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