Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reva 2011–Website

Everyday We the complete team think how to make Reva ‘11 the biggest juncture for the Under privileged Kids and Every day we get a new idea. This time we thought to make a Nice Reva ‘11 Website and we are up with that:

Website :
Don’t miss to see both FLASH & HTML Version of the site :

You will be glad to see the Animation conveying the message of Reva & The Official Video of the Event.Watch them at :

You may also like to download the Reva Schedule, Sponsorship Brochure & Rules n Regulations.
Grab them at : 

And you can join us at Facebook Profile of Reva : which has now 500+ Friends.

Isn’t Reva ‘11 going bigger & better? Any suggestions, comments and queries are welcome.

With Regards;
Reva 2011 Team

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AID Patna : New Site

We have new site of AID Patna running at
We will be having Blog soon at
And the site of Reva at



Friday, October 8, 2010

Reva '11- revivifying the innocence of childhood

So, I told you about Reva na! That was really a cool idea and all the AIDers' really worked hard for almost a week to make it successful.Last time we organized a small 4 hours Cultural Program in the same Underprivileged Sweeper's Colony ( I hate this name - I told you). The ideas was really good to conduct a program in the same area with all  the kids of the society performing various activities like - Dance - Play and Songs!

But its not only the idea that is everything - It's commitment by a group of people to work long and work in groups that makes an Event like that successful.I would be really pleased to say everyone - "Thanx buddies" 

Reva -is back - in it's 2nd edition. Reva 2011 - (Reva '11)
  • This time we are targeting over 300 kids - those who come from poor section of society. We really need to give time ( that's why the event is of 2.5 days), exposure (that's why it's going to be big!) and Venue (the complete BIT P Campus and society also), so that they can showcase their talents.
  • We are looking forward to call more that 20 personalities , who have really worked on the kids in some or other way
  • Also, a Technical Event for the Engineers will be held worth Rs. 20,000 to make any software / Ed/ Mechanical Kit that will help the kids , and finally
  • MICROSOFT - visiting in your campus in Reva '11 to look after this things
So, you feel excited. I feel the same.
Join Reva '11

Website : Reva '11 : 
On Facebook :
On Twitter :
Follow Reva 11 on the blog :

Spread the word that Reva '11 is on!


Friday, July 2, 2010

We are creating dreams : A review

It has been more than 1 year of AID - Patna and about 9 months since a post on AID Blog. So here is a new author for you. I have been to AID - both main society framework and IT Cell. So I can explain in details every work we have done since our birth. Just take a look:

From where we started

                   The Community Development Program :
                        An Idea to work at the problem.

Last year we started a community development program - where we go often to a society called " Sweepers Colony" (though I really hate this name). The main purpose of the program was to give some basic Education (called deshi language) & provide some basic amenities that may help the small/poor kids to go ahead in their studies. We are going to increase our standards this year - with more regular visits, introducing Technology & more Science Experiments. I ll write more about this in one of my next article.

                                           Eklavya & AID Patna

Eklavya - (particularly Javed ji & Pramod ji) helped us to improve our standards. We were looking for some change (and the kids were too) and then Javed ji & Pramod ji of Eklavya group came to us and explained us the real meaning of teaching. More Next time!

The Unforgettable : Reva '10

          Reva '10 - AID P 1st cultfest
     Building dreams into eyes of Buddies

Reva was a blind hit with extremely hard work. 06 seniors were not there (due to placements) and we planned to celebrate cultural festival called Reva on 14th Feb ( you may be screaming that's Valentine Day!!). But the main reason being that our exams were near & we were desperate to do good for the kids who work hard with us. With lots of events, hundreds of people joining us - Celebrating such a fest in the society was Risky but it turned out to be more successful than expected. Waiting for Reva '11!
                                                                                                                                           IT Cell 

                     Doing stuffs the right way.

 Solving Technology related problems and in the process learn them was our main motto. From CMS - Joomla/ Drupal to building some cool stuffs like Survey Form was what we did in the process. Though there is no link on this blog of IT Cell AID Group, I am putting a link of IT cell at last of my post. Join us if you atleast love working with Computers!

Celebrating ... 

           Celebrating Festivals with Children
        - From Diwali to Independence day

So what you have decided?

Signing off
Devesh Kumar
>> Coming Next : Reva '10 - The Entire Story

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This program launched by AID Patna is known as community development program as we at AID Patna wanted to work for overall development of any community that is deprived of its basic needs- education, health & hygiene, drinking water availability, public toilets, bathroom for ladies etc.
We identified a small community situated at Ashiana more, Bailey road Patna. The inhabitants of the community are mainly sweepers at B.V.College and B.I.T. Patna. Some of them are engaged in other activities for their livelihood. Looking at the condition they live in one can sense the extent of problems(every problem listed above) that they face. They have lived there for more than 50 yrs at that place but nothing has changed their fate. Their lack of education devoid them of opportunities provided by state & central govt. like- ration card(hardly anyone in the community is benefited), caste certificate (they are not able to procure their caste certificates which would allow their children to avail govt. scholarship for backword castes, sc and st)and the list keeps on increasing each time we visit the community. The community has almost all the problems listed above that we wanted to address.
We got good response from student volunteers as they wanted to do something for them. So we conducted an informal community survey where we discussed community problems and conveyed them of our motive of educating the children in that community. We got overwhelming response from the community. They were happy to know that we will be arranging for the education of their children. After the first informal survey we were aware of their problems and in a condition to devise plans for our future course of action. To have a better understanding of the conditions prevailing there and to become fully aware of the status of education in the community we conducted a family survey followed by Pratham education survey(designed by PRATHAM).
After scrutinizing the survey reports, we will post it in the upcoming posts. Our visit till date has been only on sundays. Our endeavor is to improve the state of education in the community and instill in them a vision towards life and happiness, as we feel that these are the things that can change their future for a long period of time. Rather than bringing about a radical change in their life in short period of time, we want to have a slow and steady change that can last for larger period in their life.
Our methodology and plans for community development will be elaborated in the next post. Hope i have reflected the overview of the community development program in an appropriate manner. Looking forward for your valuable comments and suggestions.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The three words which could explain any chapter of AID(esp. the patna one) are-

SANGHARSH- The word literally meaning struggle in hindi is not one any of us use in daily life cos its a very strong word, emotional too maybe. People would have heard it being repeated a couple of dozen times in hindi movies though.

If we talk about struggle within our own chapter, people won't hesitate to say that we have not had to struggle much about things mainly because all of us got along well. But if we think of the fact that college going students in a residential college can be so active in a volunteer organization says a lot that we have in fact struggled to stay together, struggled in many ways to organize ourselves, struggled in some ways to implement our projects.

I believe that without struggle we could not actually really pride ourselves in the fact that we have made something worthwhile and beautiful. I just wish that when i search for "sangharsh" i do not keep on getting images of some akshay kumar movie, rather i see something that humanitises the word.

SEVA- Now this is something i think our chapter is very good at, cos i don remember many instances where the number of people volunteering have not made us actually ask them to volunteer for something else, this in its very symbolism is "seva" for me. Though volunteering is only the prelude to seva, but for me , when i see so many hands up for volunteers... thats a job well done.

Even when i go and see the AID group working to get the job done, or see the children smiling at the little ruckus we create... the satisfaction of being part of this "seva sansthan" is unimaginable.

NIRMAN- Well we have "created" such a lively group haven't we?? there is my "NIRMAN". We built trust & relationships to people who really need it. But this is just the start, part of a very beautiful painting but the first strokes, very excited about the final work though. Come to LH-1 today and there'll be a presentation and a small meeting.


may the SANGHARSH, SEVA, AND NIRMAN keep teaching us so many things


This is how the whole AID group came together for the first time, from different colleges and different fields to try something that'll turn out real well...

Something interesting happened. It started with a meeting somewhere in sp verma road called by Ashish ranjan sir. And a half a hour trip, 2 bottles of water and almost as much sweat later....i got to this corporation bank building hid away in a bylane in sp verma road. First i was skeptical about what it would be all about but was delighted to know that i was invited(though no invitations are required whatsoever) to be part of a social responsibility circle(or something similar). I was pretty impressed by the fact that the conference room was full of people. People i don know and a few of the seniors who were very welcoming. That meant that i could meet alot of other people who i didnt know before. Socialising opportunity 101.

Some of the people turned out to be from other nearby colleges like CNLU, arts and crafts college and a few media based colleges. This, i know because all the people who attended were asked to introduce themselves to the group. During all of what happened next, people were streaming in and the number of people had swelled such as to occupy all the seats in the conference room.

The meeting started with a brief introduction to AID and then people were asked to share their own experiences with social work. After a few presentations and a round of chai we discussed what we thought would help the community here.

The meeting can be attended by everyone and it is not restricted in any way. Anyone who has a wish to serve a helping hand and also leanr a few skills along the way like the website maintenance and video editing jobs, which in the long run will help alot. So all ya guys are invited if you are interested...every thing is non-formal and is not like a class-room environment but a open discussion. We decieded that we could have like a meeting every month on a sunday and most of the jobs are done online through emails.

So everyone will be more than glad to have you guys in it cos the whole group realises that every single person has a valuable talent.
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