Friday, October 8, 2010

Reva '11- revivifying the innocence of childhood

So, I told you about Reva na! That was really a cool idea and all the AIDers' really worked hard for almost a week to make it successful.Last time we organized a small 4 hours Cultural Program in the same Underprivileged Sweeper's Colony ( I hate this name - I told you). The ideas was really good to conduct a program in the same area with all  the kids of the society performing various activities like - Dance - Play and Songs!

But its not only the idea that is everything - It's commitment by a group of people to work long and work in groups that makes an Event like that successful.I would be really pleased to say everyone - "Thanx buddies" 

Reva -is back - in it's 2nd edition. Reva 2011 - (Reva '11)
  • This time we are targeting over 300 kids - those who come from poor section of society. We really need to give time ( that's why the event is of 2.5 days), exposure (that's why it's going to be big!) and Venue (the complete BIT P Campus and society also), so that they can showcase their talents.
  • We are looking forward to call more that 20 personalities , who have really worked on the kids in some or other way
  • Also, a Technical Event for the Engineers will be held worth Rs. 20,000 to make any software / Ed/ Mechanical Kit that will help the kids , and finally
  • MICROSOFT - visiting in your campus in Reva '11 to look after this things
So, you feel excited. I feel the same.
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