Thursday, September 17, 2009


The three words which could explain any chapter of AID(esp. the patna one) are-

SANGHARSH- The word literally meaning struggle in hindi is not one any of us use in daily life cos its a very strong word, emotional too maybe. People would have heard it being repeated a couple of dozen times in hindi movies though.

If we talk about struggle within our own chapter, people won't hesitate to say that we have not had to struggle much about things mainly because all of us got along well. But if we think of the fact that college going students in a residential college can be so active in a volunteer organization says a lot that we have in fact struggled to stay together, struggled in many ways to organize ourselves, struggled in some ways to implement our projects.

I believe that without struggle we could not actually really pride ourselves in the fact that we have made something worthwhile and beautiful. I just wish that when i search for "sangharsh" i do not keep on getting images of some akshay kumar movie, rather i see something that humanitises the word.

SEVA- Now this is something i think our chapter is very good at, cos i don remember many instances where the number of people volunteering have not made us actually ask them to volunteer for something else, this in its very symbolism is "seva" for me. Though volunteering is only the prelude to seva, but for me , when i see so many hands up for volunteers... thats a job well done.

Even when i go and see the AID group working to get the job done, or see the children smiling at the little ruckus we create... the satisfaction of being part of this "seva sansthan" is unimaginable.

NIRMAN- Well we have "created" such a lively group haven't we?? there is my "NIRMAN". We built trust & relationships to people who really need it. But this is just the start, part of a very beautiful painting but the first strokes, very excited about the final work though. Come to LH-1 today and there'll be a presentation and a small meeting.


may the SANGHARSH, SEVA, AND NIRMAN keep teaching us so many things

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